May 17, 2022

Casino Campione reopens with Novomatic offering

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Casino Campione, located in the Italian exclave of Campione d’Italia in Switzerland, is one of just four Italian casinos and ranks among the largest in Europe.

It was originally opened in 1917 and in 2007 moved to the famous futuristic building complex on the shores of Lake Lugano that was especially designed by architect Mario Botta.

The relationship between the Casino Campione and Novomatic dates back many years and is based on top-quality products, first-rate customer support and a partnership of mutual trust.

Novomatic gaming equipment has always proven extremely popular with the casino’s discerning guests. Hence, the casino management decided to make sure that the reopened casino also presents a state-of-the-art Novomatic gaming offering that will help the casino to successfully master its recovery.

The gaming offer at the new Casino Campione clearly follows the casino slogan: “The next fun.” Gaming entertainment deluxe, as well as events and dining create a luxury offer for discerning guests from the region and from abroad.

On the live gaming floors, a broad selection of live games guarantees hours of traditional casino entertainment and on the first and second floor the casino offers a broad choice of electronic games, comprising a wide selection of video slots as well as electronic roulette terminals, spiced up with numerous progressives and mystery jackpots.

The new machine park includes the internationally best-selling Panthera cabinets with popular linked progressive content such as the Novo Line Cash Connection Edition 2, Superia Cash Connection Volume 1 and the XTENSION Link as well as the evergreen Super-V+ Gaminator with the new Gaminator My Cash Edition 1 as a standalone progressive offer, plus much more.

The casino was also equipped with the NBS casino management system, including floor management, accounting and reporting routines as well as customer-facing ATMs and promo towers.

This state-of-the-art solution adheres to regulatory requirements, grants maximum privacy and comfort for the guest and enables the operator to run all processes smoothly via a centralised and modern system.

It was also implemented in the entrance area for customer management and access control in accordance with the highest responsible gaming standards, supported by biometrically operated fingerprint and face recognition.

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